Vim Tips - Convert Unix Date to a Human Readable Date

Dec 22, 2023

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I have a shell history file that logs all the commands I do on my terminal with a timestamp.

The problem is that the timestamp is in Unix format.

Example of my history file:

: 1702041549:0;brew install gh	
: 1702041563:0;gh auth login
: 1702041669:0;gh copilot
: 1702041760:0;brew install gh	beta
: 1702041784:0;brew install gh@beta

Then I had to search some commands by a specific date, and instead of coping the Unix date and pasting it into some online conversion tool, I selected the lines that I needed to search and applied the following command in Vim:

'<,'>s/\([0-9]\+\)/\=strftime('%c', submatch(1))

This converted all the Unix dates with Human Readable dates, making my search much easier.

: Fri Dec  8 10:19:09 2023:0;brew install gh	
: Fri Dec  8 10:19:23 2023:0;gh auth login
: Fri Dec  8 10:21:09 2023:0;gh copilot
: Fri Dec  8 10:22:40 2023:0;brew install gh	beta
: Fri Dec  8 10:23:04 2023:0;brew install gh@beta


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